Current Sermon Series

Fall Sermon Series:

"Standing Firm in a Shaky World" (1 Peter)

'What's the world coming to?' is a question that probably most generations have asked at some point or another. Maybe today the world feels more shaky and suspect because we instantaneously are fed images and headlines from all over the globe of government coups, natural disasters and warring nations. If there was one person who knew firsthand the difficulties of standing firm in a shaky world, it was the apostle Peter. This was the same Peter who had denied three times that he even knew Jesus. But now, much older and more seasoned in his faith, Peter writes to encourage Christians who were experiencing persecution by the Roman authorities. He counsels them to stand firm in the midst of their trials by finding strength in the same place he found his when he had been beaten and imprisoned for his faith - in the grace and strength of God that come through faith in Jesus Christ.

Join us on Sundays this fall as we listen in to those same words of encouragement, so that we might stand firm in a shaky world.