Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series:

"Honest to God: The Book of Lamentations"

The destruction of Jerusalem is the event in which the long narrative from Genesis through Kings culminates, about which the prophets warned, and which leaves its mark on all subsequent literature of the Bible. But Lamentations does not look forward and does not look back, does not dwell on what went before or will come after—its gaze is fixed directly on the event itself. ( Adele Berlin, Lamentations: A Commentary)

The Book of Lamentations is a book of five very carefully crafted poems, reflecting on the brutal siege and destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC and the exile of the survivors to Babylon. The book, however, does not try to explain that suffering, justify it, or condemn it. It is instead interested in only one thing: expressing it – and expressing it before God, even as Israel could hear no response from Him amidst the ruins.

Lamentations goes into the dark places of human suffering. It probes the depths of human despair – guilt, shame, anger, violence, death – and the often seeming silence of God in such moments. It is a book of complete vulnerability before both the world and God. Yet it is also an expression of ultimate, desperate reliance on God, his goodness, mercy and promises. 

Join with us as we sit with those who lament in this book over the season of Lent.