December Devotional

In early fall, I received glasses upon the eye doctors' recommendation. Upon first receiving them (and still! Who am I kidding?!), I enjoyed "trying them out." They are for long-distance vision, and I enjoy seeing blurred lines become clear when I peer through the lenses. 
In a similar manner, the caveats of the Bible help improve a persons' sight - for living, that is. The Lords' Book is like a pair of new lenses exactly suited to a humans' need - or sin problem- that helps make life's decisions clearer!
When I got my "other eyes," it was big news, and I was eager to tell friends, family members, you name it!  Likewise, it is exciting to learn the good news of everlasting life through Jesus Christ!
Just like a pair of glasses, the Bible guides us through life...but only if we read it! Glasses only help if we put them on our heads!
So the next time you put on your contacts or glasses, or see someone else (like me?!) wearing them, thank God that He's given us a way to see clearly.


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