This doesn't happen too often, but I had a symbolic dream last night! And as I pondered it, being a religious woman, I thought about what it would mean religiously! My day nurse/friend advised I share it as a Stephen Ministry devotional! 
Here's how it went: 
I was high-tailing it out to the school buses with my pal, Margaret Anne, you see. I was struggling to keep up because the backpack on my back was super full, & hard like a brick! 
I had farther to go, & the buses started pulling away before I got there! {Eek! Oh no!}  Well, I really kicked it into high gear, [well, as fast as one can reasonably go with a huge weight on their back, that is!] made it to my bus, & stood outside the door the driver had just closed so she'd be ready to drive away.
Then I woke up...surely my kind bus driver would open the door to let me in! I opened my eyes, became aware that one of my arms was stiff & sore from the cold, (likely why I felt like I was heaving a full backpack) and thought to myself, "I need to share this with many people! That seems symbolic & meaningful!"
Let's say the gracious bus driver is the Father in heaven, awaiting the arrival of all His children. 
We wonder (and sometimes fret if we're honest!) about whether or not we'll be permitted to enter. However, if or when we accepted Jesus' death on the cross for our sins, it's like we wear a "Free Entry" badge on our shirt allowing us to drop the heavy package (if we trust God that we can - that we have new freedom in Christ!) and take a seat!
Allow me to explain the symbolism in the back pack: it's like that heavy pack contains all of the burdens we carry through life, or think are so valuable & we have to carry through with us...then if (hopefully when!) we accept the gospel, we can drop that brick-like weight, all that we've been carrying along through life that seems so important, and we can finally be allowed entry to the yellow-golden bus, which will take us home! Yay; the end! (That's all we know from the Bible about what heaven will be like!)

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