September Devotional

When we neglect to exercise for a while (even a short time), we can feel that we’ve grown weaker.  Similarly, when we neglect our spiritual lives, it is noticeable!  If we don't regularly engage in habits like reading and studying the Bible, praying, worship, and/or attending church, we become "weak" or farther from God.  In addition, we are distanced from our brothers and sisters in Christ (other Christians).

Just like there are many muscles that work in us (according to the Library of Congress, at least 650 and as many as 840, to be exact!, there are a plethora of ways to grow deeper in our Christ-centered relationship.  Several were mentioned already.  Others include volunteering  for church or Christian organizations, taking communion, participating in praise team (through voice or instrument), attending a Bible study, doing devotional reading, creative expressions of faith such as drama, art, & nature ... and I'm sure the list exceeds my thoughts! 
No matter how you choose to draw closer to Him, you are pleasing Your Heavenly Father!  So do it daily & sincerely!


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